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UAE Residency & Citizenship by Investment

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made significant investments in recent years to attract global investors and talented and experienced persons interested in coming to the Middle East and acquiring a Dubai Investment Visa, making it a leader among Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).

By establishing the citizenship by investment scheme in 2021, the UAE government has ushered in one of the most significant shifts in the region, allowing foreigners to apply for UAE passports without having to meet some of the strictest conditions imposed at the global level. Our immigration attorneys in Dubai will focus on the essential needs of this new program from the standpoint of the majority of foreign citizens who decide on Dubai. Investment citizenship in the United Arab Emirates may be of interest to you.

Dubai has become the region’s business, financial, and commercial powerhouse because to its hospitable business climate and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, made possible by decades of market-friendly government policies. Dubai is a favorite destination for visitors, businesspeople, and financiers since it is a dynamic, multiethnic hub with excellent economic prospects and a high quality of life. With Dubai’s specialized investment-driven visa scheme, overseas investors can settle legally in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and begin establishing a foundation of wealth for themselves, their families, and their enterprises.

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Visa for Investors

Individuals from outside the UAE who have plans to establish a business or make an investment in an existing enterprise in Dubai are eligible to apply for the Dubai Investor Visa, also known as the Dubai Partner Visa. The holder of an investor visa in Dubai has unrestricted entry and exit privileges inside the United Arab Emirates throughout the period of their visa. The investor’s home country may no longer tax them once they obtain their Dubai Investor Visa and establish tax residency in the United Arab Emirates.

The bearer of a Dubai Investor Visa is also eligible to sponsor their spouse, minor children, and parents for entry into the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Investor Visas can be obtained in four distinct situations:

  • Residences as an Investment
  • Investing in a Business
  • Home for the Indefinite Future
  • Retirement

UAE Investor Visa Requirements and Requirements for Dubai

A number of long-term residence permits are on offer in the UAE, including 10-year and 5-year visas for investors in Dubai. Even though a 3-year visa has been added to the program, applicants are still prioritizing the first two options.

The primary condition for the investment visa is the establishment of a business with a capital of AED 10 million (about USD 2.7 million) or the acquisition of a partnership interest in an existing business for the same amount. If you want to stay in the country for 5 years, you’ll need to spend at least $250,000 on real estate. In order to be nominated by the Executive Councils, Rulers’ Courts, or Crown Prince’s Courts for the residence permit, those who qualify for the lifelong investor visa in Dubai need just file information about their job, acknowledgements, or proof of owning real estate.

This visa streamlines the process for obtaining permanent residency in Middle Eastern countries. Yet it is also well-known that a sizable portion of Dubai’s workforce is comprised of international workers who have demonstrated their worth over the years. The same holds true for non-locals who manage businesses in Dubai’s tax-free zones.

Immigrant status through the purchase of a home

For individuals who choose to invest in residential property worth AED 1 million or more, this rule allows for a maximum mortgage of 50% of the property value. Joint property owners may apply if their combined investment in the property is worth at least AED 2 million.

The property must be a single family home, as commercial investments are not permitted. In addition, the visa is only valid for freehold residential properties; off-the-plan properties cannot be used to qualify for the visa. In exchange for maintaining property ownership in the country, investors are granted visas valid for between three and five years. You can get a three-year visa if you buy a home for at least AED 1 million, and a five-year visa if you buy a home for at least AED 5 million

Who qualifies for residency in Dubai via investment?

The diversity of candidates the Dubai residency by investment scheme accepts is one of its most intriguing features; the program is not limited to those who want to start their own businesses in the UAE. Exceptional students are also eligible to apply for this type of visa.