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Living in a Studio Apartment

Living in a Studio Apartment Saves The Money

Studio apartments are often less expensive than one-bedroom apartments. However, this can vary greatly depending on the neighborhood.

Less furniture is required.

Studio apartments are less expensive to decorate than one-bedroom apartments since everything from the bedroom to the dining area to the living room is contained inside a single open space.

For instance, a dining set for four or six in a studio apartment is unnecessary because a single table may accommodate all of your needs. In addition, there is no need for numerous ornamental items because they just won’t fit.

Who could say no to less furniture, décor, and space needing to be cleaned?

It’s common knowledge that couples choose one-bedroom apartments since they provide the best of both worlds by allowing residents to share living quarters while maintaining their individuality.

  1. Each individual requires time alone.
  2. Neither party wants to keep the other from doing what they want. You wouldn’t want to exercise if your spouse were in the room doing anything else or asleep.
  3. Separate bedrooms may be a welcome relief from the stresses of sharing a house.


Perfect for Loners and Busy Individuals

It’s not necessary to have a huge dwelling if you’re going to be living alone. Studio apartments are perfect if you don’t have a pet and don’t frequently host large gatherings of people since they provide everything you need, including a place to sleep, a place to eat, and a bathroom.

More to the point, if you do not plan on spending much time in your apartment, there is no reason to pay for the added square footage that comes with a larger flat. If you spend most of your time at work, on the road for employment, or both, a studio apartment will suffice for your needs.


Apartments in Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai

JVC is the most popular place for investors to acquire studios. Nakheel Properties’ mega-development combines modern and village-style dwellings. In Dubai’s bustling city, Jumeirah Village Circle’s verdant canals and gardens evoke a sense of tranquillity.

JVC draws young couples, families, and individuals. The plethora of parks, schools, and exercise centers attract ex-pat families. The mega-high development’s rental yield is also appealing.

JVC studios have a 6.4% ROI, making them a worthwhile investment. Gardens, a pleasant setting, and canals make it a serene hideaway. Its closeness to Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina makes commuting easy. Renters and investors flock to JVC, making it a model for family-friendly communities. Studio investments average AED 420k.

Jumeriah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers is a pet-friendly skyscraper neighborhood with 26 clusters of 3 upmarket skyscrapers each. The apartments give easy access to leisure activities and services. JLT offers sophisticated luxury real estate throughout the city. AED 426k is average for a JLT studio.

Apartments in dubai International City​

Studio flats are popular owing to their low prices, proximity to Dragon Mart, and position off Ras Al Khor. Annual reports show International City apartments have an 8.5% ROI. These upscale studios are near gyms, groceries, and mosques. Buyers may browse floor layouts to find the finest options.

Apartments in Dubai Sport City

Dubai Sports City has attracted buyers interested in affordable studio apartments. This institution is located between Motor City, Production City, and Jumeirah Village Circle. The beginning price is substantially lower than the average cost of AED 338k. Some studios have golf course views.